A downloadable game for Linux

Submission for the Linux game jam 2017

I made this small game to test my game engine yirl:


Icelandic viking vs pineapples pizzas begin 20 years after you launch this game.

You are [player name][player father name]sson, an Icelandic viking, fighting the great 22nd century holy war, "the pinapple pizza war",

The great President Gudni Johannesson said "I would ban pineapple pizza if I could"(or something similar, I didn't find the quote)

These holy words created a secret order: "The Anti Pineapple Pizza Guard"

You are a member of this order :

You fight !

So the assets are ugly, the drawing is ugly, the game is buggy, I'll fix everything in time, sorry :)

Install instructions

untar, and start start.sh "doube click or ./start.sh"


vapp.tar.gz 3 MB

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