A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Game for Jam off Game Jam

Use a new a buggy game engine: https://github.com/cosmo-ray/yirl

Source:  https://github.com/cosmo-ray/pre-hangover-simulator

And for what this game is about, you have the story explained in game :)

We stole a lot of open source arts, everything is in the credit menu.

Our email, name, and stuff are in the credit menu

Have fun and drink orange juice responsibly!

Install instructions

Linux: extract the file, and double click on start.sh (or start it in a terminal)


for the game packaging we've try to package every dependencies, glibc included
It work very well with non graphic app, but not so well with SDl.

If you use neither Arch or Ubuntu, you can still download both archive and it might work, if not:

  1.  remove yirl-loader/*SDL*.so
  2. be sure you have sdl, sdl_images, sdl_ttf and sdl_mixer installed.
  3. ./start.sh

Sorry for the poor package, we are working on a better way to package the engine on Linux.

macOS:  we have absolutely, no idea how to make a package on macOS

But the engine work, so you can compile it by taking the source

brew every dependencies and then exec


Windows: Unzip and launch yirl-loader

Open Bsd: Coming Soon

Free Bsd: It's mac os right ?

Net Bsd: Coming Soon, but not as soon as Open Bsd

Haiku Minix: Coming someday

Hurd: https://xkcd.com/1508/


phs_ubuntu.tar.gz 24 MB
phs.zip 64 MB
phs-archlinux.tar.gz 19 MB

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