A downloadable game for Linux

Game very similar to Zone of the Enders 2, but with a very different Gameplay, very different story, very different music and very different Graphics.

Music from here: http://www.rengoku-teien.com/ which if my google translation translate correctly are Open Source

Game source( WTFPLv2): https://github.com/cosmo-ray/ai

Engine Source(LGPLv3): https://github.com/cosmo-ray/yirl

The Cover image is a screenshot of a screenshot of me playing WARRIOR OF ASC II converted to ASCII

Also, you can see a virtual box, it's because I've compile my game engine on Centos 7 in order to have a binary compatible with most Distro, My computer is on the glorious Arch Linux, so outdated Distro can't run binary compiled on Arch.

I'm generally not on lxqt but I like to test new DE, so yeah, lxqt screenshot

BTW, I use GNU/semi-vegetarian/Arch/Emacs/Linux

I'm editing this page while waiting for my F****** VM to finish installing

That's slow as f**** I should have use Qemu + KVM, but yeah choose the easy solution, that's stupid....

And once VM finish installing I Still have to compile everything, and upload my files... it's 22 and an half now I've start installing at 21, I should have use qemu, but it's nearly finish now, "Performing post install" how long should this take

\o/  "Installing boot loader", 23pm

So 23:30 I am now installing lua 5.3 on centos, but as centos like old package and have lua 5.1 as lua package , I have to find community repository...

23:45 yum install ncurses-devel, seriously even ncurses, I have waiting like 1h30 to install this because I've select all development tool in the GUI installer and I don't even have ncurses-devel.

Don't true GUI they're perfidious 

00:06 yeah, I have a tar, and I've eliminate some bugs too, 

But I think I've break GCC build now, but it should be pretty easy to fix again...

01:10: I've upload screenshot and it seems to work on my others machines,  except curses that is broken

Anyway time to watch an Hunter X Hunter and go to sleep,

Good Night

Install instructions

----- Linux -----

Just do after you've extract the archive


because of tcc and my laziness to test tcc with --enable-selinux, selinux need to be disable too start this game, so

sudo setenforce 0

also if you want to play in curses instead of sdl you can modify ./start.sh and append

-r curses

------ Other Freeeeeeeeeee ---------

I should try to make some BSD builds, but I'm lazy but if you ask for, it might give me motivation to install a BSD on a VM, on qemu this time, not the horrible virtual box

-------- Absolutely Proprietary OS -----------

No Windows yet, I might add a build I you ask for it

The Engine Compile on Mac but I don't know how to package binaries on mac, and I'm lazy to learn.


Asc-II-2.tar.gz 15 MB


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Your description took me on a journey, man.